Keep Cool with Style: 8 Beautiful Fans to Keep You Fresh This Summer

Its summer time and it is HOT HOT HOT.  Most times we have our central air blasting but we also have our share of ceiling fans in literally every room in our house.  Case and point, here’s one in our yet to be furnished/updated office.

Its pretty ugly isn’t it?  You can say it, I would wholeheartedly agree.  Our ceiling fan is also the only source of light in this room and 2 candelabra bulbs really don’t do much to brighten up the space.  Plus it just goes against our anti-boob light campaign that we have going for ourselves. The goal is to try to slowly replace these ceiling fans with beautiful lights, likely ones that we’ll make ourselves (see our globe semi-flushmount and wall sconce) but what would we do in the summer when its blazing hot?  We recently got a Vornado for our loft area and we’ve found that a table or small floor fan works just as well as a ceiling one in keeping the temperatures down.  This means that we’ll be able to have table or floor fans for each room and that will allow us to go crazy with fancy lights!  The best part is we can probably keep these fans during the winter although with how stylish some of these fans are, we might just keep them out.

Here is a round up of some good looking fans that will keep you both stylish and cool all summer.*  Note that these are affiliate links.  (Also I’ve tried to showcase the difference colors each fan comes in or help you imagine how it would look in a room – so I hope that helps!)


1| Vornado Vintage: Quite possibly my favorite one of all (since we have one!).  First and foremost, its an amazing fan – powerful, yet quiet.  According to Vornado, its not so much a fan as it is an air circulator – they have a desk version as well as a whole room one.

2| Charlie Fan:  This slightly modern, slightly vintage one would look great in the corner of a room.  Its unobtrusive and looks like it packs a punch.  I think (but don’t quote me on this) it even oscillates!

3|  Otto Fan:  Our second favorite fan.  You’ve gotta love that warm wood tone and mid century lines on this beauty!  And its actually not as large and boxy as it may appear!

Image Source

4| Fanimation Urban Jet:  This Kitchen Aid mixer lookalike would fit at home in one of Joanna Gaine’s fixed up homes!

Image Source

5| Arden Pedestal Fan: This mid century beauty would look amazing in the corner of a large room! 

Image Source

6| Hunter Retro Fan: Who knew Hunter made fans like these?  I have amazingly ugly Hunter fans in some of my rooms right now so its nice to see them beautifying things up!

7| Deco Breeze Table Fan: Art deco fans – this one is for you!  And yes it looks good with a glass of wine and cheese.

Image Source

8| RH Allair Desk Fan: I’ve heard amazing reviews about this Restoration Hardware fan but then again its from Restoration Hardware, of course its amazing!  I can definitely see it in a leather clad office.

Image Source

So there you have it folks – 8 amazing fans that will keep you both cool and stylish all summer.  Let me know if you’ll put any of these in your home!


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*Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which allows me to make a very small percentage if you purchase using the links above.  No worries, all this is at no cost to you at all!  Thank you for supporting this blog!





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