Counter Stools Roundup for under $310

We are in the midst of getting quotes for a small kitchen remodel – new countertops, sink and faucet, under cabinet lighting (still a maybe!) and a backsplash.  As part of this kitchen reno, I wanted to get new counter stools.  We got our original saddle back counter stools from Target 5 years ago and they are slightly worse for the wear.  We use them A LOT.  The island is just one of those gathering spaces that we eat at, we work at or we just doodle at.  One of our Target stools now has a loose leg and we  use it as a little side table in our loft area.  The other good stool is sitting all alone at our kitchen island and we figured its time she retired.

I personally LOVE the Cherner counter stools.  I mean just look at these beauties!  There’s something so sculptural about it yet its elegant and warm and fits right into a variety of kitchens.  I’ve read that they are incredibly comfortable and sturdy too.  $800 a stool however may be a little out of my price range.

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But what the Cherner stool has helped me do is to really narrow down what we want in a counter stool:

  1. Natural brown tones –  our kitchen island is a dark java and we want a stool that will stand out against it enough but not so much like a white or colored stool.  At the same time, we are getting white quartz countertops (most probably Torquay by Cambria) so a brown tone would help warm things up against the coldness of the stone.
  2. It has to have some kind of architectural sculptural feel to it.  Granted this requirement is a little more vague but it should evoke something when you look at it.
  3. No thick padded stools – somehow those remind me of a more traditional kitchen and that’s definitely not a look we are going for.
  4. In line with number 3, we definitely want something modern looking.

After much researching, we finally settled on either wood or leather stools.  Price wise we are looking at about $300 tops – we did find one that was $310 which is why the title of this blog post is so weird.  Here’s our final 8.  (As an aside, I think I’m driving Kristen nuts with these counter stools selections – we started with at least 16 and have now reduced it to 8).  We can’t buy our stools before our countertops get here, but tell me which ones do YOU like?

Counter Stool Round Up All.001

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5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |


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