Favorite Coffee Table Books for Your Home

Beautiful coffee table books are a must for any interior space styling – whether they are placed on coffee tables, bookshelves or even bathrooms!  Check out Emily Henderson’s tips on styling any space and you’re bound to see a coffee table book or two or three or four!  By the way, don’t you LOVE Emily Henderson?  She’s such an amazing stylist and I love the new home she just bought!  I can’t wait to see how she transforms it!!

Books bring so much interest and personality to a space and my personal favorite way of displaying books is to color coordinate them, then stack them and place a vase with flowers of course on top, maybe even a ceramic elephant.  Here are my top 10 coffee table books that not only look beautiful, they’re good reads too!

  1. Styled by Emily Henderson:  Of course we start with Styled which is a great segue into the world of home made interior design for regular folks.  Emily starts with a home style quiz and  breaks down beautiful vignettes into very do-able recreations.  She’s definitely helped me understand why something is placed the way it is and why it works.
  2. Tom Ford:  Isn’t this book BEAUTIFUL?  OMG I can just see it on top of our white fauxdenza screaming style, sophistication and savoir fare.  Its also pretty expensive but isn’t Tom Ford always expensive?
  3. The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living: Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams’ first book emphasizes simple, intentional living spaces.  What I love about this book is its focus on carefully and slowly putting together of your space.  So often I find myself wanting to finish up a space that I just buy things for the space to fill it.  That typically can result in a pretty space, but a space that doesn’t feel like me.  And while I don’t always completely know what me means interior design wise, the ethos of slowing down and curating a home helps with me learning how to design a space that is more me than something that came out of a book.  I realize that its ironic that I turn to a book to teach me how to design something that doesn’t come out of a book – but you get my point right?
  4. Anatomy in Black:  This is just a cool cool book – plus it teaches you about anatomy entirely in black and gold!  I love black and gold so this one is a real treat for me.
  5. Remodelista: Remodelista.com has always been a go-to site for interior design goodness.  This book is no different.  Read any interior design blog and this book is almost sure to come up as a must have!  For me, this book was a nice take on the modern Scandinavian style – white, light wood with pops of color. 
  6. Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life:  Ok I have to be honest here, the best part about this book is the cover.  Its got a great cover that would sit well on any coffee table.  The book itself was just ok for me. It wasn’t super inspiring I think mostly because the vignettes she showcased were just all too similar.  We all love certain things but as an interior design book, I was hoping not to see the same roman shades over and over again.  Just saying – but great great cover. 
  7. Design*Sponge at Home: Now this book I can get behind.  I’ve loved Design*Sponge for a long long time and I also love that her book is bright and cheery!  From DIY projects to before and afters, this book will inspire you to just do something to change the look of your home.  Plus I hear that Grace Bonney is a really cool person too!
  8. The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful: Another blogger favorite – I don’t own this one but from what I’ve read about it, it looks like I should get it! 
  9. Every Person in New York:  Think about this book as the illustrated and funnier version of Humans of New York (also a neat coffee table book).  The forward is written by the hilarious Kristen Wiig and in this book Jason Polan who draws for publications like the New Yorker puts together over 30,000 people in 400 pages of funny, cute illustrations of famous people and not so famous people doing everything from eating tacos to jostling along the street.  If nothing else, it was really fun to flip through this one. 
  10. Vogue: The Covers: I’m no fashionista – you just need to look at my daily wardrobe of t-shirts and scruffy jeans to know.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate beautiful fashion.  This book showcases more than 300 of the most beautiful, provocative, and fashion-forward covers ever produced and the history and stories behind them!  It’ll turn even me into a fashionista I’m sure!


So which book will grace your coffee table today?






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