Favorite Etsy Artists Part Deux

I wrote about some of our favorite etsy artists some time ago and its time to add to that list!  I LOVE art from etsy because its unique, its personal and sometimes they can be an inexpensive way to add some art to your walls.  Here are some of my new favorites:

If you like the winsomeness of watercolor, Laura Row Studio is the place to go.  She does some beautiful work of ginger jars, custom pet portraits, landscape and her recent work seems to be a little darker (color-wise, not theme-wise) and I’m loving all of it!

For inexpensive abstract art, Celine Printables is a good way to fill up some of those voids in your gallery wall.  Not everything on your should be loud and patterned, honestly that would just be a little overwhelming.  Sometimes, a little abstract pattern goes a long way toward mellowing down a wall and drawing your eye to the brighter pieces, while simultaneously providing it a place to rest.  Celine Printables is a instant download site meaning you’ll need to take your print somewhere to get printed but for $5 a print, its a great deal.

Another inexpensive instant download store is Melinda Wood Designs.  She does abstract geometric type art, plant and cacti photography (who doesn’t love a good cactus!) .  In fact, we have her modern mountains on our kitchen shelf right now and we’ll be adding on some cacti prints because every single cactus I’ve ever owned has died on me so I’ll be sticking to prints from now on.

Last and most certainly not least, we have one of my absolute favorites: Janet Hill Studio.  Janet Hill is amazing.  Her art is quirky, very 1950s and it always adds that needed pop of color to a room.  Everyone and I mean everyone who has seen her art in my home always ask – who’s that piece by?  Check her out, you won’t regret it!

Have fun collecting!