Dark walls for the new office

We haven’t blogged much recently because we have been super busy with guests and just finishing up some products we’ll be putting up on our blog soon.  Fall is here and as the weather cools down and days get shorter, we find ourselves leaning towards darker wall tones.  We’re finishing up our first floor office space and we’re thinking of going full on dark walls!  It gets decent enough light that we think going dark would be pretty amazing!  Here’s our very stark, plain office right now. This is definitely an in-progress photo so please pardon all the crap laying around!

Here are some of our favorite walls that have been hogging our Pinterest boards!

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What do you think of going to the dark side??


Finally a House Tour!

Kristen and I apologize for being absent from this blog.  We were in the throws of moving in and let’s just say it has been a whirl wind!  Well, we finally managed to get a video of the new digs for the internet world to see so here it is!  Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how the home is laid out and we can’t wait to update you on all the changes we intend to make to this place – after we do all the fixes we need to do!  So here’s our house… enjoy!